Gidi Vigo Reduces Comic Characters to Colors

 - Dec 23, 2011
References: artflakes & lacarpa.tumblr
One reason why people gravitate towards superhero imagery is because of its dynamic visuals, but Gidi Vigo turns that notion on its head with these ultra minimalist representations of crime fighters.

Relegating popular Marvel Comics and DC Comics characters to only colored swatches, Gidi Vigo really tests viewers' fandom as they should be able to identify each hero simply based on the different hues of red, green and blue alone. Vigo doesn't make the task impossible though as he also denotes who each poster symbolizes, as well as the RGB code to replicate each piece.

This isn't Gidi Vigo's first foray into making minimalist superhero posters, but it is certainly his most extreme attempt at removing unnecessary identifiable features from each costumed vigilante.