- Jan 18, 2013
In the midst of extreme high definition and a technological tipping point, it is no surprised that people’s artistic fascinations are once again reverted back to the low-resolution pixel designs. The allure of old image resolution can be espied in the rise of vintage photography as well. Web photo apps such as Instagram, along with the comeback of Lomography cameras, are most prominent demonstrations of it.

Pixelated designs are an adorned twist to contemporary designs in everything from architecture to everyday products, such as watches and necklaces. Artists increasingly use retro and low-resolution features in their designs. Pixelated products work as perfect gifts for nerdy loved ones. Moreover, more extensive projects such as 8-bit-inspired buildings and interior work space designs are attracting immense attention from video game enthusiasts. Most prefer blu-ray over regular DVDs, but when it comes to 8-bit, one can't help but put aside the quest for visual perfection and sigh with nostalgic appreciation.

These pixelated designs are a prevalent artistic throw back frequently integrated in design with a statement. These are good times to be gamers, but one can't forget about the 8-bit era.

From Pixelating Public Architecture to 8-bit Cake Decorations: