The 3D Ghost Shelf by LightYourselfUp Will Scare Off Roommates

 - Jun 26, 2012
References: etsy & thisiswhyimbroke
The 3D ghost shelf by LightYourselfUp is perfect to hold a collection of books or show off pictures in your bedroom. This retro bookshelf would make a great accessory in any room, and is perfect for those individuals who grew up playing the classic game.

Each pac-man bookshelf is customized however you would like; you can choose the color, width, height and even the direction of the eyes. This ghostly product can hold books of different widths, and is sure to scare off your siblings from coming into your room.

LightYourselfUp is a company that designs pixel furniture from Barcelona, Spain. Remember all the time you spent chasing these ghosts? Now you can make your gaming dreams come true with this this 3D ghost shelf. This product can be purchased online, has free shipping and costs $570.