Steinlo Illustrates Lovely Ladies With Patches of 8-Bit Hair

Though artist Steinlo considers his art simplistic and minimalist, I think the ingenuity put into developing his own unique style demonstrates a sophisticated brilliance. After all, I've never encountered an illustrator who pixelates patches of hair in otherwise fluid paintings. The visual effect is highly dramatic as it is enigmatic and it really sets Steinlo's work apart from his peers'.

Steinlo has a penchant for illustrating anime-esque females with impossibly wide eyes and pixie noses. Certain drawings are almost indistinguishable from the works of mainstream animators if it weren't for Steinlo's trademark 8-bit locks, demonstrating the artist's refined rendering capabilities.

Those curious enough to go over to Steinlo's Tumblr page will find a vast collection of similar images, though good luck trying to find information on the artist himself; he seems to value his anonymity. He even goes so far as to draw fake sunglasses and lips over a portrait of himself.