- Apr 17, 2013
Personified animal depictions are humorous and thought-provoking. Imagining animals with human features and characteristics has always been a fascination among artists and illustrators. There is an increasing amount of visual art work that showcases various animals in sophisticated human forms.

Whether the artwork features collages, paintings or illustrations, they all re-imagine animals with some sort of human characteristic. Some illustrations focus on re-imagining animals as ultra-talented creatures with human skills such as piano-playing.

However, most artists have recently been choosing to depict animals with badass fashion senses and a dapper stance. It is a common fantasy of humans to assume that animals are in fact highly intellectual beings that we cannot understand. The classic, Mad Men-esque fashion that is so commonly allocated to the personifications is a visual complement of this vision.

From Personified Animal Portraits to Jailbreak Monkey Portraits: