The Mr. Peanuts Image Series by Nancy Rose is Adorably Lifelike

 - Apr 13, 2013
References: flickr & walltowatch
The 'Mr. Peanuts' image series by photographer Nancy Rose captures a squirrel subject that is unusually lifelike. The personified squirrel character is captured while hanging his laundry, grilling meat on a miniature barbecue and even decorating his Christmas tree during the holiday season.

After noticing a slew of squirrels in her backyard, animal lover and photographer Nancy Rose developed her unique idea for this adorable image series. Exuding an air of unmatched cuteness, this set of portraits gives human qualities to its tree-dwelling squirrel subject.

This fluffy tailed rodent's daily routine is documented in detail and his many similarities to humans make the 'Mr. Peanuts' image series all the more relatable and unbelievably adorable for its viewers.