From Personified Cookie Commercials to Personified Ear Ads

 - Apr 15, 2014
These personified marketing techniques are showcasing how adding human characteristics to animals or inanimate objects can add a lot more emotional appeal to a standard product.

With product placement and print advertisements continuously bombarding consumers on a daily basis, capturing their attention with simple aesthetics or contemporary design is no longer enough to make a valuable impression. Seeking to make products more relatable to consumers, marketers are turning to personified techniques to add human characteristics like humor and sarcasm to animals, food or even furniture. From personified decor campaigns to faceless hedge mascots and talking cookies, these humorous marketing techniques will surely capture the attention of consumers with its use of unusual product implications.

Representing traditional products and services in a completely unorthodox manner, these personified marketing techniques serves to add a level of enticement that viewers won't be able to dismiss.