Collapsing Cooling Towers is a Sight of Devastating Demolition

This advertisement titled Collapsing Cooling Towers is an effort by Ecotricity to get people to move away from power-plant-made energy and onto greener energy. Ecotricity is fed up with the Big Six who are six companies that control energy in Great Britain. According to Ecotricity, the Big Six have "complex tariffs, awful customer service and the dire lack of investment in new sources of green energy."

This commercial features large power plants with added faces and arms. As their demolition begins, they begin to silently scream in terror as gorgeous opera music covers it up. This commercial is pretty hilarious just because the towers are caught so off guard that their demise is quite entertaining.

Ecotricity's 'Dump the Big Six' campaign is sure to turn heads with the Collapsing Cooling Towers commercial.