From Chip-Eating Goats to Nacho Snatching Dogs

 - Feb 7, 2013
Whether it's goats, babies or marching bands, it's always an adventure when you look at Doritos advertising concepts. Last week, Doritos released several commercials in time for the Super Bowl ad hype and had more than a few people laughing. The chip company often produces funny commercials that annually compete for the top ad rankings.

Doritos advertising often uses children to create funny situations. The audience sees this in one of the recent commercials in which a baby sits in the backseat of a car and has her Doritos chip snatched out of her hand by the family dog. Instead of crying about it, she takes revenge on the dog by baiting him into jumping out the window in pursuit of his next chip.

Another recent Doritos advertising effort featured a screaming goat who gets upset when his owner runs out of chips.