Doritos 'Paranormal Activity' Spoof is in Competition to Crash Superbowl 46

 - Jan 1, 2012
References: adverblog
Once again Doritos is carrying on its contest for a crowd sourced Superbowl commercial and so far the Doritos 'Paranormal Activity' spoof by Max Gutierrez is one of the best. The ad features the setting of the low budget horror flick, with the couple asleep at night while they video tape the spooky spirit through the night. Rather than a ghost doing the terrorizing, the culprit that makes you jump is a little dog whose head has gotten too far in a Doritos bag.

Superbowl 46 is just around the corner and this Doritos 'Paranormal Activity' spoof is in high running. Doritos is known for their interactive ad campaigns, especially their chilling ones where users run around a haunted hotel room in video game fashion, but their Superbowl approach is neat too. Doritos lovers can involved. Winners of the competition will be aired during the Superbowl, ad space worth over $1 million.