The Farting Doritos Advertisement Saves One Man From Humiliation

 - Jan 25, 2012
References: doritos & adrants
As usual the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl challenge brings in hilarious clips including this farting Doritos commercial. The creator of the commercial, Max August, is a hard man to find on the Internet and only this gem appears when one goes searching for him.

The farting Doritos advertisement begins with a young man releasing some flatulence in the elevator right after he has pressed the button. With little time to spare the intelligent youngster thinks on his feet and opens a bag of Doritos and wafts the delicious odor in the air. He nibbles on the cheesy chips and fills the elevator with a Dorito odor to cover his own smell. The elevator door pops open and in walks the most gorgeous model of all time who sniffs the air and says "Smells good. Can I have one?" Then she struts out of the elevator in her all white attire with an orange ring around her mouth.

So if you ever need emergency air freshener, simply rip open a bag of Doritos and let the scent of awesomeness roam free.