From Talking Toddlers to Patriotic Comedian Rants

 - Feb 5, 2013
These commercials from the Super Bowl can provide a great understanding of what makes a good ad. Some of them were banned, while others spurred water cooler conversations for weeks after. The key is always creativity, but a little dose of pop culture never hurt either.

Commercials from the Super Bowl are different than ads debuting during any other program on TV because of all the hype surrounding this particular event. The Super Bowl is not only the most watched sporting event in the world, it's also an advertising convention where all the big brands try to outdo each other.

Whether it's this year's 'Get It Crackin' Wonderful Pistachio ad featuring Psy, or the patriotic message from Tracy Morgan on how America has changed, there's never a shortage of things to talk about after Super Bowl Sunday.