FirstBank Super Bowl Ad Urges You to Take a Bathroom Break

 - Jan 30, 2012
References: tdaboulder & adweek
Some people might choose to forgo bathroom breaks when it comes to watching the Super Bowl and its highly anticipated commercials, but the FirstBank Super Bowl ad is offering up a solution. This clever and offbeat commercial actually encourages you to take a bathroom break by showcasing absolutely nothing, save for a FirstBank rep kicking back on an armchair.

The FirstBank Super Bowl ad intends to show viewers just how much the bank cares -- it really does offer "better customer service," as the ad states at the end -- by ensuring you don't miss out on the game and other, more exciting commercials.

However, the clever ad, which was created by agency TDA, will be aired only in Colorado, meaning that everyone else is going to have to decide strategically when they should stop watching to do their business.