In Honor of the Ikea Monkey and His Beautiful Winter Coat

 - Dec 10, 2012
This weekend, the Ikea monkey made headlines after being spotted inside a Toronto furniture store wearing a beige shearling coat.

In a scene straight out of a comedy movie, shoppers exiting an Ikea store spotted the monkey (who is now dubbed the Ikea monkey) standing alone near the exit. Dressed sharply and warmly in a winter coat, the Ikea monkey was calm and relaxed as if he was waiting for his ride to arrive. The Ikea shoppers didn’t know what to make of the monkey, so one customer took a picture on her phone and the Ikea monkey instantly went viral.

Our fascination with monkeys manifests itself in countless ways. From monkey-inspired apparel and fashion collections to personified monkey photography, the cute primates find their way into more than a few places in popular culture. Monkeys have even become popular in many advertising campaigns.