The Jammie Dodgers Advertisements Feature Singing Monkeys

The Jammie Dodgers jam-filled British biscuits are using Musical Monkeys in a singing competition to advertise this delicious treat. This series of ads, created by VCCP London agency, showcases three primates vying for the public's vote.

Jammie, Toffee and Choccie present three varying musical sounds to grab your attention and sway your vote.

Jammie, the raspberry filling, presents a soulful power ballad meant to romance with 'A Certain Gooey Thing;' while 'Tappin' Toffee' references a swing beat that leaves you tapping your toes. In contrast to this, Choccie is for those dub-step loving youth who are waiting for 'The Choccie Bass Bomb' to drop. These monkey music videos show once again how animals are a perfect tool for advertisements. However, VCCP London adds a twist with these cheeky chimps, by making the fans vote for their favorite music video just like reality television singing competitions.