- Jul 5, 2013
The road to developing effective Argentinian ads is filled with pitfalls and challenges but these ads manage to effectively connect with a Latino audience. Through decades of political instability, Argentinian consumers have become harder to reach and more distant. However, recent economic progress means that gaining a piece of the Argentinian market could be a very lucrative endeavor.

Current campaigns in Argentina focus on getting attention by making a sentimental connection with customers and creating authentic experiences. The pregnancy-imitating belts from Ogilvy & Mather focuses on connecting with customers by creating a culturally relevant experience. Other campaigns like the wayward navigation campaigns promise Argentinians freedom by connecting them with the wild. No matter what angle firms take, these ads find a way to build a bridge and get the attention of Latinos through pertinent campaigns.

From Office Supply Addiction Ads to Pregnancy-Imitating Belts: