Driving Awareness Spain's Print Ads Have Microscopic Cars Crashing Fatally

 - May 26, 2013
References: adsoftheworld
With the goal of reducing driving deaths, JWT Argentina created a campaign with cars crashing within parts of the human body. Placed inside organs and cells, blood cells and other microbes are portrayed as cars being wrecked. Accompanying the striking images is a warning. The ad states "The leading cause of death among people under 35 is not a disease. Drive Safely."

The series of ads used kidneys, cells and skin. Each of the illustrations has a series of cars in the motions of crashing as if each stage of the disaster was frozen in time. The print ad using skin has a car flipping over off a cliff while the ad with a kidney has two cars crashing into each other. Whether the accident was on an organ or cell, the message of safe driving is very clear throughout all the ads.