The 'GPS to Get Lost' Campaign Blindly Takes Drivers on a Journey

 - Jun 11, 2013
References: adverblog
GPS devices are supposed to help you find your way but Jeep's 'GPS to Get Lost' sends you out to the middle of nowhere. After activating the GPS, it doesn't ask you where you'd like to go. It simply prompts you for your preference of terrain and directs you to an unknown location away from civilization.

The 'GPS to Get Lost' was developed by ad agency Leo Burnett to increase brand awareness for Jeeps in Argentina. Since the Jeep brand envelops freedom and rugged adventure, a GPS that forces you to explore was the perfect way to express that. In two weeks after the campaign's launch, Jeep saw an increase in brand buzz by 10 times. In addition, the Jeep Facebook fan page saw a 32% increase in traffic.