- Nov 18, 2013
YouTube has become a lucrative platform on which brands can advertise. The accessible nature of YouTube means that companies are able to appeal to a wide audience and also monitor client feedback through likes and comments on any given video. Furthermore, YouTube can utilize the interactive element to their advantage, using it as a platform with which to crowd-source content or collect submissions from consumers.

Funny videos tend to do well on YouTube, as well as "Hidden-Camera" type affairs. For instance, Heineken launched 'The Negotiation' commercial, in which the company offered a man two tickets to UEFA Champions League if he could get his significant other to agree to purchase a set of stadium chairs, without mentioning the tickets. The whole thing was captured via hidden camera. Meanwhile, IKEA capitalized on the media fanfare surrounding Sandra Bullock's film 'Gravity,' by spoofing the film in a video that quickly went viral.

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