Heineken’s ‘The Negotation’ Pits Couples Against

 - May 23, 2013
References: adverblog
Heineken noticed that furniture shopping can be a harrowing test for a couple’s relationship and exploited that fact in its latest commercial ‘The Negotiation.’ Using hidden cameras, Heineken filmed couples arguing over a situation that was pre-engineered by the producers of this campaign.

In ‘The Negotiation,’ Heinken inspires strife among couples by challenging the men to convince their wives to buy two expensive plastic stadium seats. In order to motivate the men, two tickets to the UEFA Champions League were promised for winning.

With the stage set, Heineken threw in even more obstacles to make the task more challenging. Actors posing as couples were thrown in to put pressure on the situation. If the men were successful in convincing their significant others to purchase the seats, a football-like scene was staged to celebrate the victory. Televisions turned on with live hosts discussing the couple’s victory complete with instant replays.