- May 12, 2015
These memorable bar experiences range from educational mixology events to beer-branded discos that celebrate one's favorite, imported brew. Fans of molecular mixology and artisanal cocktails can try their hand at some interactive recipe classes that are a great team building activity and an even better way to party.

In addition to educational bar experiences, this list also zones in on branded events that embody luxury and exclusivity. From Absolut Vodka's frozen cocktail lounge to Johnnie Walker's star-studded scotch tasting, exclusivity is key when creating a memorable bar experience, especially when it is one that is associated with an industry heavyweight.

Moreover, luxe bar experiences are not only synonymous with extravagant events but also include secret password speakeasies and cocktail bars that let visitors play their favorite lawn games while enjoying a refreshing pint.

From Educational Mixology Events to Beer-Branded Discos: