The Next Heineken Club is Going to be Built in Heaven

The Heineken Club was inspired by the company's 'Open Design Explorations Project,' which aimed to re-invent a well-known product. That product turned out to be a night club and this one is downright amazing.

The club was created by 18 designers from across the world and together, they brainstormed the future of partying. The lounge has so many revolutionary features it's hard to count. To solve the problem of people clinging to the groups they came in with, the club has interactive games that encourage people to mingle. There will be no more trying to wave down the bartender because the bar is interactive and keeps track of who is next in line. On the dance floor, club-goers will get an unforgettable experience with the video mapping technology that connects the DJ with the crowd.

The club has now opened for business in Milan and is sure to attract people from all over the world.