From Futuristic Party Lounges to Luxury Rainbow-Themed Bars

 - Jul 29, 2013
Electronics have creeped into every aspect of our lives and these high-tech bars are no exception. In an effort to attract more consumers in a saturated market, bars and lounges have begun offering tech-integrated experiences. Whether the technology is used for ambiance or functionality, bars are making great use of tech-based gimmicks. This list is composed of tech-savvy bar finds that use electronics to enhance your drinking experience.

Many lounges have gone and integrated advanced technology to augment ambiance. Venues like top floor raver lounges and luxury rainbow-themed bars use advances in lighting to attract guests. By using high-tech enhancements to seamlessly improve ambiance, lounges are able to differentiate and create a valued atmosphere. Since many consumers go to lounges for the experience, integrating high-tech features creates a strong brand by adding to a memorable experience.