The 'Offline Glass' Forces You to Choose Between Your Phone or Beer

 - Jun 22, 2013
References: telegraph
Forcing you to choose between beer and your cellphone, the Offline Glass can only stand straight if you put your phone down. The devious beer glass topples over and spills your golden beer onto the cold, hard floor should you choose to use your phone. As a result, bar-goers are forced to ignore social media and interact with their friends or risk losing beer.

The Offline Glass itself works by being unable to stand by itself. A slot was carved out of the bottom of the cup so that it topples without support. The slot is conveniently the size of your smartphone so that you're forced to place your phone down.

The sadistic scheme was masterminded by ad agency Fischer & Friends for the Salve Jorge Bar. The agency noticed that phones take away from the drinking experience so they decided to force people to stop.