China's Capital Spirits Bar Offer Authentic and Cultural Cocktails

 - May 5, 2015
References: timeoutbeijing & munchies.vice
China's Capital Spirits is the world's first authentic baijiu bar. The venue was founded by Derek Sandhaus, a Westerner and baijiu connoisseur with an appreciation for the Asian beverage. Though it is the most consumed liquor in the world and China's drink of choice, baijiu is often overlooked by those living in the Western world.

While tourists may find the distilled spirit sour and foul smelling, its popularity among locals cannot be denied. Derek Sandhaus' Capital Spirits baiju bar is a favorite among Chinese liquor enthusiasts and will appeal to travelers who are searching for an experience that is memorable and authentic.

As cultural beverages become more commercialized, their ability to cross over into the mainstream market keeps evolving. Even though baijiu may not be a staple of the global market, its growing popularity illustrates the traditional spirit's evolution.