Peugeot 307 Invisible Ad

 - Aug 13, 2008
References: dailymotion
I always knew the stereotype of the French being a little bit stuck up, but Peugeot takes it to the next level with this Invisible TV spot. In the ad, Peugeot 307 offers us another point of view: all other cars are invisible compared to the 307. There is no competition!

I have always liked the 307, but it does not have the horse power or the killer looks to back up such bold art direction. You can't just lay claims that you're better than the rest without some kind of justification.

Putting such logic aside, the commercial is actually a fun visual, as it shows people driving in and operating invisible vehicles. I have to say that the execution of the idea is pretty solid.

The commercial was directed by Luciano Urbani for Euro RSCG Argentina with creatives Victor Gonzalez, Gustavo Reyes, Mariano Duhalde, Maximiliano Sanchez Correa, art director Juan Cruz Los Arcos, and copywriter Matias Carsillo.