From Panting Runner Prints to Prosperous Brew Branding

 - May 1, 2012
Euro RSCG was founded in 1991 from the merger of five companies from which its name is derived: Eurocome S.A., Roux, Seguela, Cayzac and Goudard. For the past couple of decades, the marketing communications company has been demonstrating to its competitors what effective advertising looks like.

The company's ads rely heavily on jarring visuals that naturally capture people's attention. These range from grim shockvertisments to whimsical scenes. The common thread through such disparate imagery is intrigue and curiosity.

Effective advertising must grab people's attention; otherwise, it serves no purpose. However, it must also stay relevant to the product, service or organization which it promotes. RSCG masterfully turns this tension of goals and methods into a resounding harmony that entreats people to take a gander.