The Mentos Gum Ads are Fun, Funky and Easy to Swallow

 - Sep 29, 2011
References: ibelieveinadv
The new Mentos Gum Ads are the latest cool kids on the block. Targeted toward a young audience, this campaign is nothing else but sweet and sticky.

Located in Tel Aviv, Israel, the Euro RSCG agency developed the new posters for the Mentos products. Although simple, the ads are very attractive because of its bright pastel colors that completely glorify the center of the piece -- a big Mentos transformed into bubble of gum. The blue ad is directed to a male audience, whereas the pink to a female audience. Both cartoons are perfectly drawn and will help youngsters to identify easily with the product. 

I can totally picture these posters in places like a subway stations near a school or university, or in a high traffic area like a shopping mall. Mentos lovers will find both this advertising campaign and Mentos Gum deliciously tempting.