The Athena Underwear Campaign Features Some Buff Nude Men

 - Dec 6, 2011
References: eurorscg360 & ibelieveinadv
If the Olympics were conducted the way they are depicted in the Athena Underwear campaign, broadcast stations around the world would crash due to the amount of people tuning in to watch. These print ads feature some very nude athletes competing for some coveted Athena underwear.

Conceived and executed by France-based ad agency Euro RSCG 360, the Athena Underwear campaign seems to be the result of a comical brainstorming session. It is as though these creative minds were re-imagining the ancient Greek Olympics, which were held in naked glory, in modern day. Instead of competing for gold, these men (and now women) would be doing their best to clothe their exposed private parts so that they were not televised around the world for too long.

Playful and provocative, the Athena Underwear campaign is a clever idea.