- Aug 24, 2013
With the amount of advertisements that people see on a daily basis, it can be difficult to create an ad that will make people stop in their tracks, but these goofy ad campaigns have utilized humorous references that will surely make people laugh.

While some marketers create ads that are straight to the point and showcase exactly what the company is trying to sell or promote, these goofy campaigns are more about having fun and not taking itself too seriously. By incorporating comical references and over-the-top themes into the ads, marketers are able to easily connect with viewers with its fun and lighthearted references.

From goofy mugshot coaster commercials to adorable bucktoothed beast ads, these hilariously comical ad campaigns will surely capture the attention of viewers with its extremely goofy themes.

From Conversational Canine Campaigns to Goofy Advice Snack Ads: