The Cedar Point Ad Depicts the Funniest of Roller Coaster Faces

 - Jun 6, 2013
References: cedarpoint & adweek
Roller coaster faces are known for being the silliest and most spontaneous of any facial expression. Roller coaster cameras capture passengers at their most excited, scared and nauseous, but rarely do people get to see exactly how the roller coaster's force causes these wacky visages. The new Cedar Point theme park commercial clears that up by showing in slow-motion the effect of G-force on a roller coaster passenger's face.

The commercial is hilarious. Several unwary coaster patrons are shown in a close-up. As the wind picks up, the skin on their faces wiggles around in fleshy waves. Their mouths appear way bigger than usual and their eyes squint against the heavy G-force.

This commercial is a comedic way to get theme park-goers interested in Cedar Park. By using such memorable shots and a hilarious concept, Cedar Point has ensured that people will be lining up to get inside its gates.