The DishTV 2011 Ads Show How Quickly You Can Watch TV

 - Jun 11, 2011
References: mccannworldgroup & ibelieveinadv
Today, if you can't instantly gratify your wants and needs, it almost isn't worth trying; the DishTV 2011 ad campaign addresses this notion by showing just how quickly you can flip through the cable provider's channels. So quickly, in fact, that the content in the channel below becomes blurred with the content of the channel on screen now.

Conceived and executed by India-based ad agency McCann Erickson, the DishTV 2011 ad campaign is cleverly funny. Perfect for audiences of all ages, it really speaks to what we deem important while putting a fun and playful spin on it. I especially like how they made each ad so full of action.

The Dishtv 2011 ad campaign featured art direction from Ratheesh P and illustrations by Vibin K Venugopal.