Drench Uses Hydration Experiments to Incentivize Drink Consumption

 - May 8, 2011
References: staydrenched & campaignlive
As the summer months start to approach, hydration becomes essential to productivity. The team at Drench, a fruit juice drink brand, has come up with a series of hydration experiments carried out by what they call the "Smart Hydration People." This group of scientists has dedicated time to find unique ways in which to best keep consumers hydrated.

The hydration experiments include everything from using firemen to hose consumers to dropping tons of water from a water plane onto a family in a caravan. The hydration experiments finally conclude that the best way to keep your brain in tip-top condition is to drink Drench.
Helen Gorman, the brand controller for Drench commented, "It has been very exciting taking the brand in a new direction with The Smart Hydration People. The humorous hydration experiments will hopefully remind people in a playful and engaging way that Juicy Drench and Drench is the best way to keep hydrated throughout the day."