This Photography is Balanced and Composed

 - May 8, 2012
From haunting digital manipulations to alluring photo-shoots, these Carsten Witte captures do well to demonstrate the photographer's eclectic, well-honed talent and skill.

Witte's photography breathes balance and composure. He knows how to give just enough to titillate one's eyes and pique their interest, while holding back enough so as to maintain this interest.

When it comes to racy photo shoots, Witte manages to portray models in a way that brings out their alluring and sultry qualities while maintaining enough mystery that the models don't come off as garish or contrived.

In terms of post-shoot manipulations, the photographer executes his concept without getting bogged down in the excesses of the medium. His butterfly-related photography illustrates this point well.

Witte's work is balanced, composed and elegant. It demonstrates a maturity of skill, a keen eye and a thoughtful mind.