- Mar 2, 2015
Water intake tracking is a great way to stay on top of your hydration needs. From apps and water bottles to smart sleeves and watches, there are now a number of ways to track your water intake.

While many health-conscious people track their calories and sugar intake, few of us track how much water we consume. Consistent water consumption is key to good health; with the advent of various affordable water intake-tracking products and technologies, we can now ensure that we're drinking healthy amounts of water.

These technologies could prove particularly helpful in maintaining the health of people with illnesses or health problems that increase the importance of staying dehydrated. They could also be useful in enhancing the conditioning and performance of elite athletes, a fact that hasn't been lost on Gatorade -- which is working on developing a hydration-tracking bottle for athletes.

From Dehydration-Alerting Sleeves to Hydration-Monitoring Sensors: