This Wellness App Has a Multitude of Tracking Capabilities

 - Nov 19, 2014
References: 9to5mac & refinery29
Apple's Healthbook is a new wellness app being introduced to the iOS 8 operating system.

The tech giant is set on revolutionizing the way we consider our own health and fitness. With the Healthbook app, users have the ability to track everything from their physical activity to their weight. Other "measurements" that the Healthbook can monitor include our hydration levels, blood pressure and sleep habits. All of those things sound pretty important when it comes to achieving a general sense of well-being!

People are becoming increasingly health-conscious, and this shift is being experienced across multiple industries. Technology offers exciting cross-over opportunities when it comes to our health, and Apple's Healthbook app is a perfect example: a seamless, integrated method of keeping up-to-date with our own bodies.