The S2 Water Appliance Takes Care of All of Your H20 Drinking Needs

 - Nov 20, 2013
References: & yankodesign
With the S2 water filtration system, a family has the ultimate convenient setup to ensure that everybody's hydration can be taken care of. This unique contraption has a number of unexpected H20-related functions all pooled together in one sleek and cutting-edge design.

The appliance is a slick wall-mounted unit that might initially appear to serve as a shelf. Place a drinking glass inside the cubby, press a button, and clean water will come out of a hidden faucet. Once you've consumed your beverage, set your tumbler upside down within the right side section of the S2 water purification device; it is this part of Jung Hyun Min's gadget that serves as an open dishwasher and drying rack. The appliance emits mist and employs UV sanitation technology, as well as a hot air fan.