Uni-ball's Commercials Read Letters in the Voices of Iconic Fonts

 - May 19, 2013
References: designtaxi
Uni-ball's latest series of commercials gives voices to iconic fonts like 'Edwardian Script,' 'Comic Sans' and 'Broadway.' The advertisements feature letters read in the imagined voices of the fonts -- and they sound just like you'd expect.

In the world of typography, 'Comic Sans' has a notoriously bad reputation for its juvenile appearance. In the commercial 'Pappy Is Dead,' the tone of a sombre letter to a soldier is spoiled as it is read in the goofy voice of Comic Sans.

In an increasingly digital world, these ads poke fun at poorly-chosen computer typefaces that can ruin your intended message. The "Write in your own voice," slogan encourages the personal touch that handwritten messages that add.