This Lenor Fabric Softener Ad Gets Cuddly

 - May 5, 2012
References: grey & adsoftheworld
This ad for Lenor fabric softener shows that even the toughest fabrics can be softened up a little with their product.

Advertising agency Grey from Lima, Peru is responsible for the vision behind this comical series of print ads. Creative director Pepe Aguilar worked closely with art directors Tony Cruz and Renato Carrion to create scenes where ferociously tough wild animals are turned into cuddly stuffed animals upon contact with Lenor. Gorillas are turned to mere chimps, intimidating crocodiles are turned cute and grizzlies are transformed into teddy bears. Photographer Angel Chavez captured this action flawlessly.

The print ad series was officially released during April, 2012 and we're sure it brought out the softer side of even the toughest ad critics. Will it be enough to rival other fabric softener competitors though?