The Volt 2012 Festival Promo Mixes Primates and Synthesizers

The Volt 2012 Festival Promo uses animals making music as a warm up for the festival. The video, created by Håkan Lidbo, is more of an experiment than an advertisement. It was a collaboration between the Swedish electronic music festival Voltfestivalen and the Skansen-Aquarium in Stockholm.

The study uses six varying monkey species and provides each one with a different synthesizer to examine if these primates will attempt to compose music.The results show that while the monkeys will play with the synthesizer, they clearly do not have the capabilities of a human to mix a great track. They really just monkey around with it.

The hope is that the promo will get you excited for Voltfestivalen 2012 -- if you want to hear some real electronic music made by humans, the festival starts on June 9th.