- Nov 17, 2014
These live entertainment innovations range from social media-powered concerts to music festival apps that are designed to bring you closer to your dream performance.

With the rising popularity of performance-themed mobile apps, concert and theatre experiences are transforming from up close and personal affairs to virtual events. Standouts from this live entertainment innovations list include tweet-powered concert events and live performance enhancing goggles that immerse one into a world of virtual reality.

A great example of social media concerts is the Doritos Boldstage event that changes its performances based on viewer's tweets. Each performance at the event is set to appeal to its audience and put them in the driver's seat of their live entertainment experience.

In the case of entertainment-enhancing products, Oculus Rift's goggles take one's experience to another level and fuse reality with elements from the virtual world.

From Social Media-Powered Concerts to Music Festival Apps: