Inked Monkeys, Apes & Gorillas Show Evolution of Body Mods

 - Apr 16, 2009   Updated: Apr 4 2011
References: tatoos-tattos
We all like things that are not great for us--little dirty secrets such as our insatiable cravings for candy or a really bad band that we love. Posting this article about tattooed primates gives me a similarly childish thrill.

These photoshopped images of tattooed monkeys, apes and gorillas show the evolutionary origins of body modification.

Implications - All things that were seen as taboo or unconventional seem to be growing in mainstream popularity recently. Piercings, tattoos, and cross-dressing have all made their way to popular publications or other forms of media, blurring the perception of what it is to be an underdog. Today's consumer is much more open-minded, calling companies to be the same.