From the Kardashians to the Lohans, Reality TV is Taking Over

 - Oct 25, 2011
I will admit that as a teenager, I was a huge fan of reality TV, from shows like MTV's 'The Hills' and 'Laguna Beach' to classics like 'American Idol' and 'America's Next Top Model,' reality TV was my go-to choice when I wanted to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea.

Now that I'm older and wiser, it seems that my choice in television has unfortunately not matured with me. I still tune in to watch Snooki and company on MTV's 'Jersey Shore' every Thursday evening. Everyone has a guilty pleasure, right?

Whether you share my love for train-wreck television or not, check out this gallery of reality TV innovations to see just how much influence reality TV has had on pop culture in the past few years. From the Kardashian sisters to the guidos and guidettes on 'Jersey Shore,' it seems that more and more 'celebrities' are letting cameras into their homes.