Ex-Cop Launches 'KopBusters' to Catch Crooked 5-0's

 - Dec 8, 2008
References: nevergetbusted & rawstory
'KopBusters' is a brand new reality show that is bound to cause some major waves. It's headed up by Barry Cooper, an ex-cop who specialized in drug interdiction for eight years. Cooper previously released "Never Get Busted Again," a film that teaches viewers how to avoid police drug seizures.

While 'Never Get Busted Again' didn't win Barry Cooper any fans in law enforcement, 'KopBusters' certainly will. The prime motive behind the reality show is to catch crooked cops in the act.

According to their website, for the first episode of 'KopBusters,' Barry Cooper's crew sets up a trap that, from afar, appears to be two marijuana plants underneath a grow light. The plants are actually small Christmas trees. Naturally, the Odessa narcotics unit moves in on the house within 24 hours, only to be met by the 'KopBuster' attorney.

Below, watch the raw footage of the sting: