From Wave-Riding Sheep to Star Wars-Inspired Wet Suits

 - Apr 30, 2012
Riding the waves has long-since been a pastime of those that live on the beach and the multitude of stellar surfing sensations that have recently hit the market are making the sport more accessible.

Fashion editorials are frequently featuring models poised in the laid-back style of the surfing life and an influx of customizable wet suits allow riders to board in style.

Specially designed pools mimic the motion of the ocean to allow newbies to give surfing a test run before they go out into the open water and a two-year course is even being offered to students in the UK that teaches wannabe beach bums how to skim atop a rip curl.

Everything from individualized boards that go from street to surf and crazy animal surf contests have opened the sport up to a whole new market while enhancing the lifestyle of long-standing wave riders.