'Seventy-One Percent of Earth' Urges You to Protect the Ocean

 - Apr 30, 2009
References: nrdc.org & chunnel
After seeing 'Seventy-One Percent of Earth' by Ari Marcopoulos, I think every environmental PSA from here on out should feature surfers prominently. The nine-minute film features Grant Twiggy Baker, Brian Conley, Greg Long, Rusty Long, Frank Solomon and Anthony Tashnick--all big-wave surfers for whom the state of our oceans isn't just an interest but a catalyst in their collective lifestyle and livelihood.

'Seventy-One Percent of Earth' is presented by the Natural Resources Defense Council, and while it should primarily be viewed for purposes of activism and education, there's also some pretty sick big-wave surfing clips that bring it all home.