The SoulArc Skateboard

 - Aug 26, 2008
References: soularcboards & core77
Mitch Mulder the designer of the SoulArc Board is set to produce this cutting edge skateboard with the help of Salvaore Vilardi. A class project at Kendell College of Art and Design resulted in the innovative SoulArc concept.

Mulder wanted to develop a skateboard which recreates the unique feeling of surfing on land. The board’s name ‘SoulArc’ comes from, “the surfing expression “soul arch"-being one with the wave,” according to Core77.

The SoulArc will be introduced soon at Surf Expo in Orlando and at the Action Sports Retail trade show in San Diego.

Samples of the SoulArc Boards are being shipped out right now, and the guys say if you are interesting in receiving one, visit their website.