Jeff King & Transworld Surf Build First Surfing Handrail

 - Jul 11, 2009
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For those unfamiliar, skateboarding was born when surfers did not have good waves and needed an outlet for their desire to surf.  It seems now that the movement has come full circle. Debuting on Fuel TV in the fall of 2008 on the show "Built to Shred," this surfboard-destroying handrail is set up in the sands of California ready to cause some serious harm to all brave enough to attack it. 

Check out the video above to see the surf rail in action, and see the Transworld Surf link below to see surfers comment on either their love of the ingenuity of the amphibious rail, or its damnation as a mere circus act for posers. Either way you look at it, these guys have created something seriously entertaining, as well as seriously hazardous to your health--unless you can ride it, bra!