Moment of Truth TV Show

 - Feb 26, 2008
References: fox & hollywoodcrap
I try to avoid writing about negative things, but I am just astounded with the fascination with defamation and the schadenfreude associated with reality TV.

A new show called Moment of Truth is one of the worst I've seen, yet it's getting exceptionally high ratings. Basically, people are hooked up to lie detectors in front of an audience which includes loved ones like family members and/or close friends. They're then asked a series of questions, and if they pass the lie detector, they win certain amounts of money.

It sounds like an easy way to make cash, but the questions get so vicious, I'm shocked that people choose money over protecting their families, personal choices or beliefs.

The episode featured in the clip above is of Lauren Cleri who risked taking home $500,000 at the expense of her husband. The show host even said, “Some truths are better left unsaid.”

This show makes me SO angry. How are people entertained by this?