These Bund Ads Point to Endangerment Awareness

 - Jun 23, 2011
References: s-f & coloribus
"The clock is ticking," is a popular saying to suggest an urgency with regards to a specific situation, and this statement is executed visually rather than literally in these Bund ads.

The environmental awareness campaign urges the public to recognize that "Every 60 seconds a species dies out." Too many animal extinctions have occurred in the past couple of centuries, with human society often to blame, so in communicating this sort of message, the 'Bund Friends of the Earth' organization hopes to prevent such irreversible tragedies by prolonging the existence of struggling creatures.

Advertising agency Scholz & Friends of Berlin have represented this important message by means of placing a bear, a seal and a pair of gorillas on the ticking minute hand of a clock. These Bund ads indeed suggest that innocent lives are in the hands of a man-made object, and as such, we must take responsibility.